Who is RASA?

RASA is the new trading name of Anoxia BV. Our core value lies in the humane treatment of animals, especially when ending their lives.  Animals can be stunned and killed with little stress by immersion in an oxygen-free environment consisting of pure nitrogen gas packed in a high expansion foam.  RASA was founded in 2013 as Anoxia BV to further develop this foam method and make it applicable on the farm and beyond. A European patent has been obtained for this. At present, our systems are in use in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. 

In 2020, we entered a partnership with HEFT International in Sweden to take the next step towards systems that use N2 as an alternative to stunning and killing with CO2 in combating outbreaks of animal diseases and at slaughter. HEFT takes care of development and production, and RASA supports sales and service in Europe.

RASA and HEFT work together with various universities and research institutes to ensure that animal welfare is compromised as little as possible and that good working conditions and hygiene on the farm are guaranteed.

RASA is there to support you in perhaps the most difficult task on your farm with state-of-the art equipment, easy to use and extensively validated. We offer: